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The move, facilitated by SPS Microgrids, underscores the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting green energy in a heavily industrialized area.

Given the orientation of the new building, SPS Microgrids strategically recommended an installation on the East/West roof surfaces. This approach maximizes sunlight capture throughout the day, optimizing energy production. The result is an impressive total installed capacity of 68.88 kWp, projected to generate over 57,000 kWh annually. Remarkably, approximately 89% of this energy will be consumed on-site, offsetting 43% of the site’s energy needs and substantially lowering energy bills.

The environmental impact of this installation is profound. By embracing solar power, James Burrell Builders Merchants is not only cutting operational costs but also contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative is a significant step in greening the industrial landscape of Stockton on Tees, setting an example for other businesses in the region.

Additionally, the installation features SPS Microgrids’ Advanced Monitoring platform. This sophisticated system allows the company to oversee energy production and consumption across all 14 of their sites in the UK from a single interface, ensuring optimal performance and facilitating proactive maintenance.

James Burrell Builders Merchants’ investment in solar energy reflects a forward-thinking approach to business operations, demonstrating that sustainable practices and industrial progress can go hand in hand. This project highlights the tangible benefits of renewable energy, inspiring others to follow suit in the quest for a greener future.