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Our control software is customised to suit the unique requirements of each system, optimising power based on availability, efficiency, and cost. It instantly calculates and distributes energy to assets for immediate use or to batteries for storage. This ensures that your renewable solution is always functioning in the most balanced and reliable state.

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Our platform provides real-time visibility into the amount of energy you are producing and how it reduces your consumption, allowing you to track your savings instantly.




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The intelligent control system ensures cost-effective energy use through accurate load planning and delivers an ongoing analysis of energy trends for greater efficiency.

Reduced operational costs

Operational overheads can be reduced as a result of the optimisation achieved through the smart learning platform.

Remote monitoring

Web connected software operates the microgrid system remotely allowing real time monitoring. This reduces physical site visits and allows instant reactivity to any potential issues.

Energy security

An effective control system ensures a reliable and dynamic power supply. It also dramatically reduces the risk of downtime.

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Our process

We deliver bespoke solutions that will transform your energy and sustainability into a strategic advantage.

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