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By cleaning your panels and checking all components we can make sure you are getting the most out of your system.

Deep Clean

The solar panel deep clean was completed using the Kärcher iSolar 800 water-driven brush head system with it’s two contra-rotating 800 mm disc brushes and RM99 detergent ideal for cleaning any photovoltaic unit.


String Tests and Inverter Check

This procedure consists of string tests to check that all pv circuits are preforming as expected and the inverters are in good condition with all the correct labelling to meet any required safety standards.


Solar PV Inspection

The solar pv system inspection was carried out using the RIDGID 48118 SeeSnake compact 2 kit, a compact yet high-performance camera system designed to revolutionise your inspection tasks. This kit combines the convenience of an all-in-one monitor with advanced TruSense™ technology, it takes your inspections to the next level.


What is included

• Professional cleaning of all infrastructure and equipment
• Visual inspection of panels and underneath panels for signs of animal inhabitation
• Visual inspection of roof drains
• Electrical enclosure access
• Inspection of solar inverts to ensure fully operational
• Cable connection checks
• Voltage and current checks
• Photovoltaic module string tests
• Junction box, isolator and distribution checks
• Meter check
• Mains supply to solar PV system connection checks
• CT clamp inspections

Your benefits

Increase productivity

By cleaning your panels and checking all components we can make sure you are getting the most out of your system.

Save more money

By making sure your system is running at it's full capacity you will keep your energy bills to a minimum.

System lifespan

Regular checks and maintenance will make sure you get the maximum lifespan out of your system.

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