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Grid connections these days can be unreliable, insufficient, or even non-existent. However, by implementing a microgrid solution which integrates a source of renewable energy generation (such as solar, wind, biomass, etc) with battery storage and an intelligent control system, you can ensure a clean, stable and optimised power supply.

Microgrid solutions can be off-grid or grid-connected. They can also operate independently or collaboratively in a local network by sharing the power that’s generated with other users.


Our solution in action...

Our microgrid systems are designed and configured to meet your specific requirements.  They generate and store renewable energy saving you money and reducing your reliance on the grid.

Our solutions are optimised via the AI learning smart control system ensuring the best return on your investment. Reduce your electricity bills, lower your carbon footprint and benefit from a stable energy supply.

SPS Microgrids - Our Solutions

We offer an innovative, economical and environmentally friendly alternative which allows you to take control of your energy costs. Our self-sufficient energy systems provide a reliable source of back-up power, while also helping you to reduce your electricity bills and carbon emissions.

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Your benefits

Financial advantages

Costs are reduced via access to free and cheaper electricity. In addition, revenue can be generated by adding an EV charger for public use and by selling surplus energy to the national grid.

Reliability and resilience

Microgrids provide instant back-up power, ensuring security of supply when the main grid suffers power outages.

Countering climate change

Renewable energy generation is clean and therefore reduces carbon emissions.

A sustainable alternative

Microgrids provide an environmentally friendly alternative that is especially attractive to businesses that rely on a stable electricity supply. They are also very popular in rural and remote locations.

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Our process

We deliver bespoke solutions that will transform your energy and sustainability into a strategic advantage.

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SPS Microgrids - Our Process