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SPS microgrids will take away the stress of applying for your export contract for you.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a UK government initiative designed to encourage the use of renewable energy sources by allowing small-scale low-carbon generators to receive payments for surplus electricity they export to the national grid. SEG contracts are available to households and businesses that generate electricity through renewable means such as solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric installations.

To benefit from an SEG contract, customers must first have an eligible renewable energy system installed and properly certified. Once the system is in place, customers need to choose a licensed SEG provider who will offer a tariff for the electricity exported. These tariffs vary by provider and can be either fixed or variable.

At SPS microgrids we facilitate the entire process for our customers, ensuring our customers receive the maximum benefit from their renewable energy investments.


Here's how we will apply on their behalf:

Assessment and Installation: We will begin by assessing the property to determine the best renewable energy system to install. Once agreed, we will proceed with the installation and ensure the system meets all necessary standards and certifications.

Meter Installation: To track the amount of electricity exported, a smart meter or an export meter must be installed. We will handle this, ensuring compliance with SEG requirements.

SEG Application: After installation, we will identify the most advantageous SEG provider for the customer. We will then handle all paperwork and submission processes required to apply for the SEG contract on our customers behalf.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Post-application, we will provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to ensure the system operates efficiently, and our customer continues to receive optimal payments from their SEG contract.

By managing the application process and providing comprehensive support, our company ensures a seamless and profitable transition to renewable energy for our customers.

Financial benefits:

Revenue Generation: Small business owners can earn money by selling excess electricity generated from renewable sources back to the grid. This provides an additional income stream that can help offset operational costs.

Return on Investment: The SEG helps businesses recoup the initial investment made in renewable energy systems more quickly, making these technologies more economically viable.

Reduced Energy Bills: By generating their own electricity, businesses can reduce their energy consumption from the grid, leading to lower energy bills. Any surplus energy exported to the grid further enhances savings. SEGs offer small business owners a range of benefits, including financial savings, enhanced sustainability, competitive advantages, and operational efficiencies. By participating in the SEG, small businesses can contribute to environmental goals, improve their bottom line, and position themselves as leaders in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

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