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The National Mining Museum Scotland, a storied institution celebrating the rich history of coal mining, has embarked on a revolutionary journey from coal to solar power. This transition was made possible by SPS Microgrids, in collaboration with Midlothian Council, through the installation of an innovative Solar PV system on the museum’s old office building. Facing escalating energy costs, the museum sought a sustainable solution to alleviate financial pressures.

The impact of this installation has been profound. The museum’s energy bills have seen a significant reduction, and its dependence on the National Grid has dramatically decreased. The building now boasts an impressive 98.81% self-sufficiency in energy. This not only represents a substantial financial relief but also marks a significant step towards sustainability, aligning with global movements to reduce carbon footprints and promote renewable energy sources.

This project is a testament to the possibilities of marrying heritage preservation with cutting-edge technology. By transitioning to solar power, the National Mining Museum Scotland honors its coal mining past while embracing a cleaner, greener future. It sets a powerful example for how historical sites can lead the way in sustainable innovation, ensuring that the legacies of the past can coexist with the needs of the future.


SPS have just installed new solar panels at the National Mining Museum Scotland in Newtongrange. They provided an excellent service and very patient with us dealing with planning permission and building warrant. They were very helpful providing all the information for the installation. Got on great with the team, always helpful and friendly.

Ritchie Poole

National Mining Museum Scotland

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