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Yes, warranties are provided for the hardware, installation and system design.

Yes. Microgrids can be configured to include various different components and it is possible to have a solution consisting of solar panels with the smart control system to optimise your microgrid solution.

Our smart control system will optimise your microgrid solution giving you the opportunity to not only save money on your electricity bills but to generate revenue too.

The length of time will vary depending on several factors including the type of solution installed and your energy consumption requirements. Some of our clients are seeing payback periods of less than 5 years and thereafter their electricity is free.

As with any type of complex electrical equipment, maintenance is required to keep it running at its best. Our O&M packages include 24/7 remote monitoring, proactive maintenance (real time fault alerts) and will fully optimise your microgrid solution.

Yes. The government has announced tax relief measures for qualifying energy equipment, plant and machinery. As part of our consultancy led service, we can put you in touch with a tax specialist who can advise how much you can save on your tax bill by installing one of our microgrid systems.

It’s a high level assessment that will provide you with microgrid design options based on your objectives, premises, energy usage and demand. It will outline the costs, benefits and savings you can achieve by implementing one of our renewable solutions.

The DNO will review the application and check if there are any faults or restrictions on the grid in your area. It will provide you with a connection offer within 90 days and advise what import and export capacity is feasible for your project. If upgrade works are necessary, the DNO will provide details of what work is required and the cost.

No. This scheme has been replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) which enables generators to receive payments from electricity suppliers for electricity they export back to the National Grid, provided certain criteria are met.

The cloud-based software analyses your system in real time. It provides instant data reporting which you can monitor on your smartphone or desktop. The AI constantly learns your usage patterns and enables optimised trading by identifying the best tariffs to save you the most money.

It depends on the size of your project. Our expert planning consultant will guide you through the process and assist you with any planning application that may be required.

We work alongside organisations who can provide you with finance options. Each project is unique, and as such funding packages are tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Solar panels are usually guaranteed for 25 years but can last up to 40- 50 years. Batteries have an effective life of around 6,000 cycles or 10-12 years, depending on use, and the cost of the battery replacement is factored into your quotation.

If your microgrid has a battery it will act as a reserve and provide backup power to your business.