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Our vision

The SPS team is driven by a desire to create a better, cleaner, more sustainable world.

We strive to bring about positive global change by providing opportunities that will enable people and businesses to help solve todays climate challenge.

Our aim, therefore, is a simple one: to support and facilitate sustainability by delivering clean, cost-saving energy solutions.

What we do

Climate change is real, it’s happening. It is imperative that we do what we can to address the problem.

That’s why at SPS we are dedicated to delivering innovative, resilient and sustainable solutions that will meet your financial, business and environmental objectives.

By designing bespoke microgrid solutions incorporating renewable power generation, energy storage and intelligent control technology, we are able to transform your energy usage, save you money and help you attain your sustainability goals.


Who we are

Our team of progressive professionals has been assembled from a diverse range of backgrounds. We have a shared passion for tackling the climate crisis and creating a sustainable future for everyone.

Our expertise spans the energy, technology and engineering sectors, and by combining the deep knowledge we have gained we are able to create genuine operational efficiency and energy savings.



We will transform your energy usage, deliver a financial advantage and help you attain your sustainability goals.

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